Comeback - 24. díl - Rozzvod|:D

8. května 2009 v 10:52 | Bella

Ashley|ItS right.ItS ok.

1. května 2009 v 9:07 | BellS

Paramore - Crushcrushcrush

5. dubna 2009 v 10:35 | RoSaLiE*


I got a lot to say to you
Yeah, I got a lot to say
I noticed your eyes are always glued to me
Keeping them here and it makes no sense at all

They taped over your mouth, scribbled out the truth with their lies
Your little spies
They taped over your mouth, scribbled out the truth with their lies
Your little spies

Friends The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You

23. března 2009 v 21:16 | MuShLiCzKa^^
Tak toahle je uplně božíí!
Měs e nelíbí ale ta nelodie se mizačíná líbít!!
Sem divná×D

Natalie Merchant - My Skin

23. března 2009 v 19:24 | MuShLiCzKa^^
Je tak úžasná!
Při ní sem došla k názoru s ...
Ta zpěvačka má boží hlas!


3. března 2009 v 17:54 | b0m^^

US5|The b0Ys ArE bAcK

17. ledna 2009 v 20:53 | BelLE DeC[0]DE

I Feel Good

17. ledna 2009 v 19:49 | BelLE DeC[0]DE

Tilly Horn|Xtina-Beautiful[ye to Němka,je jí 11 a úžasně zpívá!!]

17. ledna 2009 v 13:15 | BelLE DeC[0]DE

Aloha from Hell|Dont Gimme That

15. ledna 2009 v 20:52 | BelLE DeC[0]DE


7. ledna 2009 v 14:46 | S lááskou >>Napsala<< a >>zveřejnila<< Mischenka.prince[s]s***<333

Vanessa Hudgens - Sneakernight

31. prosince 2008 v 15:07 | S lááskou >>Napsala<< a >>zveřejnila<< Mischenka.prince[s]s***<333

Pussycat Dolls/When I grow up

24. prosince 2008 v 10:19 | S lááskou >>Napsala<< a >>zveřejnila<< Mischenka.prince[s]s***<333
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Ewa Farna-La lalaj

18. července 2008 v 23:12 | Mischenka.princess
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La la la la la la laj
La la la la la la laj

Někdy se mi zdá
Že patřím do dávný doby
Chodiím sem a tam
Tak jak se cítit mám

Busta Rhymes feat.Linkin park-We made it

17. července 2008 v 21:47 | Mischenka.princess
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[Chester Bennington]
Together we made it
We made it even though we had our backs up against the wall

[Busta Rhymes:]
See it niggas i survived the worst but my life is glorious
But I know that I live to be hurdled and i´m so victorious
Take a look I´m a symbol of greatness now call it Morpheus
As force accumalted the wind and but a believe I´m so notorious
Didn´t know I´ve been buying my bread even though we rapping now (yes)
And now when you look on my trip and you a nigga higher level tramping now
And you see that everyone on my middle struggers and
For your ass is never been an option
A nigga paper long like we was on the trap and the hood choppin
Get it!

Code red-Kanikuly

17. července 2008 v 21:41 | Mischenka.princess

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Wsje ekzamieny dawno uże sdany
I uciebniki tiepier´ mnie nie nużny
I nie nado rano utrom mnie wstawat´
Na uciobu ubiegat´ Ooo ..

Rihanna-Take a bow

17. července 2008 v 21:36 | Mischenka.princess
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How about a round of applause
A standing ovation

You look so dumb right now
Standing outside my house
Trying to apologize
You're so ugly when you cry
Please, just cut it out

Ashely Tisdale-love me for you

17. července 2008 v 17:10 | Mischenka.princess
A po dlouhé době AshleyxD.
VideoNo oficiality
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I 'm not the girl that you see in the magazine
Perfect face and perfect body
Never be anyone but the one I am, what I am
I can't bend to your expectations
Look to fulfill any fantasy
If what I am is what you need

Love me for me
And not for someone that I would never be
Cause what you get is what you see
And I can't be anymore than what I am
Love me for me
Or don't love me

Ashley Tisdale-Positivity

17. července 2008 v 16:54 | Mischenka.princess
VideoBohužel neni oficiální...
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Wont you show me some baby
I got to get some baby
Wont you show me some baby
Show me some positivity
Show me some positivity

From where I stand I see
A world of posibilities
So dont be going negitive on me
Oh baby

Love is hard and that´s alright
Give it time it´s worth a ride
You know
It´s all on the radio

Ashley Tisdale-Kiss the girl

17. července 2008 v 15:30 | Mischenka.princess
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There you see her
Sitting there across the way
She don´t got a lot to say
But there´s something about her
And you don´t know why
But you´re dying to try
You wanna kiss the girl

Yes, you want her
Look at her, you know you do
Possible she wants you too
There is one way to ask her
It don´t take a word
Not a single word
Go on and kiss the girl